I would like to thank & honour the traditional owners, where I reside and work, 
the Quandamooka people,
comprising of, but not limited to the Noonuccal and Gorenpul clans.
I know you’re here for a reason, on this planet and on this page for a reason.
Have you ever experienced a time when it seems like the entire universe aligned just perfectly to give you the ideal moment? I have! The day this picture was taken I’d had a bad breakup, I never buy hats, I was out with a girlfriend without my camera. But when I pulled on this hat and she snapped a picture it seemed everything clicked into place with the flash of the camera.
I share this little story because I think we’re all looking for more of those moments when we feel aligned and beautiful and peaceful and happy – no matter what gunk is happening in our lives.
I’m not just here to share how that manifests in my life, I want you to experience it as well and as a psychic that’s exactly what I do. People contact me for a reading for a variety of reasons,
Some people contend with physical and emotional pain and choose to hold a healing session.
Others struggle with trusting their intuition and stopping self doubt, they book a clarity session.
Some people struggle with knowing their next step or stage in life and those clients get great value from an hour reading.
For the client who experiences the same negative patterns appearing in their life a past life session can unveil those patterns.
People come to me because of their everyday struggles who are seeking spiritual guidance for answer. It’s very grounded in practicality – not mystery.
Some of the tools I use to help my clients include
  • Inner Child Work

  • Direct Channel

  • Photo and Document Readings

  • Past Life Consultations And Regression Therapy

  • Tarot Cards

  • Remote Viewing

  • Spiritual Mentoring

  • Dream Analysis

  • Numerology 

  • Spiritual Healing


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