When did you first realise that you were psychic?

In some of my earliest memories as a little girl I felt and saw the energy in houses, animals and even other people with such intensity,
I knew it was beyond a physical thing. (but I struggled to explain it). I have always seen auras.
So I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t tuned into spirit, something that is most commonly known as “psychic abilities.”
I have always been able to connect with the spirit in a unique way, talking to my animals and understanding the images and sounds
by reading their eyes. It’s hard to describe to someone who has never experienced this but for me it’s the most natural thing in the world.


Why do you work as a psychic?

I decided to work as a psychic because I love being able to help people using my gifts.
Working with spirit is very rewarding and I love seeing that moment when my client has a light bulb go on and become in touch with spirit.
More than anything the work I do is designed to empower and enlighten my clients that they too have the ability,
to communicate with spirit by showing that all they need is within.


Why do you use Tarot cards in a psychic reading?

Every reading is different and I have found, in over 25+ years of practice, that the tarot is a tool to stay centred and focused during a consultation.
Sometimes I use them sometimes I don’t.
Information comes so quickly from spirit that the tarot is a way of moderating that flow of energy,
and slowing it down so I can interpret the guidance clearly for my clients.
No I don’t use them as much these days, but when I do it is never in the traditional way.


How long have you been practicing as a psychic?

When I was a little girl It all started I guess with freaking out my Mum and Dad.
I began studying tarot when I was a young teenager, which enabled me to understand and to a lesser extent control my abilities.
I have been reading professionally now for over 25+ years.
I am often invited to psychic expo’s which a love as a get a chance to travel and to meet up with my fellow colleagues.
The bulk of my work is phone/Skype audio readings, with has me connecting with people all over Australia, as well as internationally.
I am also very busy, with my 1:1 (face-to-face) clients. And now I am doing more corporate and speaking work, which I absolutely love.


Who are your clients exactly?

My typical client is in tune to his/her spiritual guidance and often experiencing a block or pain in her life that he/she cannot resolve on thier own.
Maybe he or she doesn’t trust their intuition or would like to clear the energy and pain around a relationship.
Sometimes my clients are looking for a change in her personal or professional life so that they can become the woman/man,
partner, mother/father and daughter or son that they feel  inside.
I love working with men as well, but most of my clients are women.
Whether he or she never had a psychic reading or works regularly with professional readers and healers,
I work best with people that are committed to living in the light and truth and not hiding behind a poor me mindset.
I also work with many fellow readers, Tarot enthusiasts and teach spiritual development classes and alike.


How do differ from other readers & healers?

I do not offer or promise quick fixes, band-aids, magic numbers or solutions. Instead we work together comprehensively to spiritually heal towards breakthroughs. I don’t believe in pressure or sugar coating the guidance I receive from spirit or telling you “what you want to hear” instead of the truth.
While it may be difficult to hear, I speak honestly with gentleness and care.
Our sessions are also open to the flow from psychic readings to spiritual healing all the way to health breakthroughs.
I believe wholeheartedly that the truth and answers you’re seeking are within and it is my intention
to guide you to recognising spiritual guidance in your own life and trusting it as naturally as breathing.


Just how quickly can I expect results?

Breakthroughs happen frequently and sometimes immediately.
When you’re experiencing struggle, just knowing that you’re taking action to care for your body and soul brings big shifts.
Just like the doctor example, all forms of healing and spiritual work take time, and that depends on the depth and width of what you’re addressing.
Some types of healing and rebalancing, such as a Chakra Balancing or Aura cleansing, are best done regularly such as once a month.
Your energy will tell you.
If you’re working through issues of spirit like self sabotage, deeply rooted fears and long-standing blockages then the process may be longer.
Because everybody’s perspective and circumstances differ, it it’s up to the individual on how quickly they can expect results,
as no two situations are exactly the same.
Remember, there are no cookie cutter, magic pill solutions here.
I believe in working with you one on one to bring light and truth and guidance to your life so you can be your most abundant self.