Becoming Who You Are Inside


Becoming Who I was on the Inside

For over 20 years I’ve been a practicing Vegetarian while inside I felt a disconnection, since believe that as an animal lover I should reflect those beliefs by being fully Vegan.
It’s only in the last 18 months that I have been practicing Veganism and feel that I’ve really aligned my internal beliefs with my outward behaviour.
Maybe my story will illustrate what it means to become who you are inside.


As a small child living in the city I never associated the food on my plate with the animals I loved. That all changed abruptly when I was 8 years old, when a family friend brought chickens around for my Mum, live chickens. I was horrified watching them die and didn’t eat chicken for 2 years and eventually became a vegetarian in my 20s.
Why did it take me over 10 years to change my behaviour when I knew that day I would some day stop eating meat? Maybe you can relate…
I was apathetic, lazy and dissociated what I saw that day to what I continued to eat. As happens often, a single moment changed my thinking and then I changed my behaviour. It was this quote from my favourite Beatle, Paul McCartney:
“We were eating roast lamb for Sunday lunch and it was the lambing season and there were all these beautiful little lambs gambolling around.Then we just looked at the lamb on our plate and looked at them outside again and thought “We’re eating one of those little things that is gaily running around outside”. It just struck us, and we said “Wait a minute maybe we don’t want to do this”.


But I’m really a Vegan

After the transition to Vegetarianism, I knew that it wasn’t enough. The beliefs and practices of the Vegan lifestyle spoke to me – that’s who I really was inside. And while I was eating lots of vegan dishes, I was again too apathetic to fully give up milk, cheese & honey.
I thought it would be too hard to make the changes to align my beliefs and actions. During these times I was often frustrated, feeling that there was something misaligned within myself. I was consciously doing something that I knew wasn’t right for me. Maybe you can relate.
I’m not perfect and my own transition has taken years, decades, of self growth.
I feel at peace now that I observe a lifestyle that honours and respects my inner values. And looking back, I wish I had made the changes to become my true self sooner.


This is not just about the foods you eat but the relationships you keep, the forgiveness you withhold, the words you speak to those you love. When something is misaligned it creates discord in our lives.
If you’re struggling because who you are inside is not being expressed fully in your life, I would love to help you realize your true self. Don’t wait as long as I did, the peace and joy that comes with being true to yourself is something you can experience now.

Connecting on a Soul Level


What does it really mean to talk to someone on a “soul level” and why is it even necessary?

Talking to someone on a soul level is used in situations when you can’t verbalise your feelings, thoughts or desires to someone physically. This can happen for a variety of reasons, most commonly the relationship has ended and you didn’t get closure or maybe the person is no longer here on the earthly plane.
Or maybe, like a client of mine, communication is nearly impossible, in this case a loved brother who had a stroke. The client was torn with guilt for not seeing his brother due to a conflict between them prior to his brother’s stroke.
Deep down my client actually blamed himself for his brothers’ situation and that guilt
It was this guilt that lead my client to reach out for guidance after months of only getting communication second hand via his brother’s partner (due to his brothers now limited verbal ability).
I shared what I know and what I have used in my own life with great results.
My client was a little on the sceptical side of things, but agreed to try it.


Here are the steps that I taught my client to release the guilt:

1. Find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed for a few minutes.
2. Find a comfortable position, & breathe into your heart space, relax & focus on your breath. You don’t have to go too deep here, just calm & steady.
3. You then call them in on a soul level by saying “Peter, I wish to talk to you on a soul level”(they can refuse, but it is not often).
In essence you’re  asking for permission here.
4. With your eyes closed visualise the person in your mind’s eye, they are nonplussed, void of emotion just present.
5. Now you get to talk to them sharing all that is in your heart. Don’t be surprised if some strong emotions come up here, e.g. anger, tears & joy. Just go with it.
6. Talk for as long or as you need to, this is you time your chance to speak. They don’t get to talk.
7. Then before you finish, you thank them for their time & for listening to you. I like to visualise them with their guardian angels wings around them.
The goal is to allow your soul to be heard – when there’s someone who you can’t connect to physically and need to stop carrying the burden by becoming heard. That’s when the amazing healing breakthroughs can happen because you can’t express what’s in your heart.


For my client the results were even more astounding: his brother non-verbally asked his partner to dial my client’s mobile and they had a conversation, through tears, ending with the two brothers telling each other that they love each other.
Coincidence? I don’t believe in coincidences.
That’s it very simple really but very powerful because the “soul” will always listen, as it does not judge or criticize. I have used this in my own life often, but only when the other person can’t be approached, or can’t be contacted. You may not experience the miracle that this client did, but your biggest transformation will be using this tool to make your needs heard.
Please share your experiences here with us, what experiences did you have when you tried it? What changes did you notice in regard to the other person?

Types of Animal Totems

Types of Animal Totems


Animal Totem meanings and their exploration are traditionally a Native American belief, but there are many cultures worldwide who also explore the symbolic messages from nature and the animal kingdom.
Native Americans consider all animals and nature brother and sister father and mother.
When you are first exploring Animal Totems, you need to take notice of what type of Totem Animal it is, as they are broken up into various groupings.


Power Animal or Power Totem 

Your Power Animal stays with us from the cradle to the grave. Our power animal will compensate for our weaknesses and our short comings. These Power Animals also share their wisdom and their abilities with us, often giving us the knowledge to answer questions on subjects we know nothing about and also giving us the courage to complete our tasks when we want to give up. They also serve as an indicator of our possible growth and full potential they are able to provide us with everything we need to attain to reach our full potential, helping us to learn and grow.


Journey Totem

Reflects a period of time. Not just a day but weeks or months or even maybe years the time it takes you to walk the path that the animal totem is drawing you to. The difference between the Journey Totem and the message totem is the time period. The Message Totem comes in quite quickly imparting its message then leaving, whereas the Journey Totem will be present in and out of your life over a longer time frame. Still imparting a message, but think of it more like a supportive role on your journey when coupled with your Power Totem is very powerful. As in my case I have been journeying with the Aussie Kookaburra for quite a few years now.


Message Totem

This animal is exactly what it says, it’s a message! Delivering us messages from the spirit world. They often appear in our dreams, but they can also appear in meditations or they reoccur in our day to day lives is such in magazines or on television & social media. Even if someone mentions that particular animal, I would still consider that as a message, what you’re looking for here is that it’s repetitive and unusual.
For example, while surfing on the Internet recently there was a banner advertisement that included a Zebra, no message there, then later on that day I turn on the TV first thing I see before I have even decided to watch anything there are Zebras on the screen. The next day my girlfriend mentions needing to get his Zebra material for her Son’s costume party! Definitely as message there because of the repetition & insistence.
Their visits are usually brief; they depart as quickly as they arrive. We may only ever get to see this particular animal spirit once so it is important that we listen, carefully, to what they have to say or look, carefully, at what they have to show us. Usually bringing us a wake up call, a spiritual message or a cautionary warning.


Shadow Totems

Everyone has some kind of shadow totem, and that represents is something that you fear, it is something you’re ne needing to embrace, rather than fear it as fear of it can overpower/control you.
When you hear the word “spider” straight away you get fearful or anxious, for most people that would be a shadow totem.
For some people it can be dogs, sharks even a fluffy little kitten. It’s been recorded through history that Napoleon Bonaparte, was heard yelling the words “get away from me, get away from me I will kill you, get back!”, who with his guards rushing in pulling the curtain aside, to find the Emperor standing on a chair shaking and screaming at a kitten. I don’t how much of this is true but I like the imagery that it conjures up.
When you acknowledged and embraced your Shadow Totem, you will learn the lessons of that particular shadow and it will no longer have a holdover you, you are no longer scared by it and you are empowered! Shadow Totem medicine is very powerful medicine.

Crow Speaks

Crow Speaks

Aussie Crow

Aussie Crow

For the past few weeks now a crow has been visiting me and talking to me every morning.
So I would class and the Crows visit as a message totem;
Off and on these magical birds have come and visited me. Seemingly coming out of nowhere and disappearing just as quickly.
When trying to decipher what the animals message is you can refer to different websites and books, but it still will be personal to you, as a shaman once taught me this; simply stated “what does the animal mean for you” like any information take what you need and let go of the rest.
Lately this crow appears in the morning caws away at me, for about 10 minutes just long enough for me to know that he is there & not some random passing bird sound. Later on in the day he returns once more. Crow is making sure I notice.

The Crows medicine contains many things; here are just a few meanings

Expect big change very soon.
You’re about to get a glimpse into some future events that affect you directly.
Be very watchful over for any clear omens or signs that will guide and teach you.
• Keeper of sacred law
• The keeper of ancient records
• Shape shifter
• Personal integrity
• Keeper of secrets
• Magic
• Truth
• Justice
Can be a warning of danger, be watchful be vigilant.
The Crow belongs to the void; he exists in the past, present and the future simultaneously. Crow medicine is concerned with justice, truth and ethical principles.
Have you ever seen a crow in the sunlight?, if you have you have seen magic, their feathers take on a beautiful iridescent almost a holographic appearance, reminding us again that there is no dark when there is light and equally there is no light when there is dark.
I get a great deal of satisfaction for teaching people about the sacredness of the animal kingdom and assisting them to connect with their animal totem/s.
Contact me for a consultation and I would be honored to help connect with your animal totem, message totem or your shadow totem.



Creating a Sacred Altar


One of My Current Altars


Many people think of altars as a place for candles or worship in a church, temple or synagogue. Actually, for thousands of year’s people have been making alters in their homes, turning the place where they live into a sacred space.
In your own home this might be lighting a candle and often placing fruit and other treasures as an offering to worship the god or goddess.
To create your own sacred altar, first choose an area to serve that purpose.  Once you have chosen an area you can create your own altar to pay respect to departed loved one, or to simply invoke more peace into your life.


Building your Altar

A simple altar can start with a small table or box covered with a beautiful piece of fabric in your favourite colour.  Then place some of your most precious things on the altar: perhaps a statue or a picture of your favourite angel or a spiritual master, a crystal, a stone or anything that you may have collected from a sacred place, some fresh flowers, a candle, a few essential oils, anything really that hold some special significance for you.
Altars don’t always have to be inside! Feel free to create an altar in your garden; it can be as simple as a tree, patch of lawn, a space on your balcony or garden bed.
Altars are a visual reminder to slow down and be present in the moment. And you can have more than one – there are currently three in my home and they bring me back to the present on a daily basis.
Items that I sometimes have heavy on my altar are, a tea light, statue of Kwan yin (goddess of compassion & mercy), and some shells, my piggy bank & crystals.  Because it’s such a personal thing to create, it’s really up to you what you put there.  My altar is interchangeable, and reflective of what kind of space I’m in that particular month, or what my focus is.


Feel free to change your altars

But sometimes I make it seasonal in keeping with the seasons of nature. For example in Spring I would have a small vase of flowers from my garden.  Other items are constant but also interchangeable like a bright altar cloth and a couple of oracle cards to focus on things I wish to invoke into my life in the in the following weeks.


Make it a daily practice

Try to spend a few minutes every day at your heavenly altar, 5 minutes in the morning is a wonderful positive way in which to start each day. Throughout the day each time old thought patterns arise you’ll be able to concentrate on your sacred space.
It will store the energy that you create and this will make it easier for you to tune in to the open “Angelic wavelength”, or whatever you connect with.
I usually light some incense in the morning and spend a few minutes setting my intention for the day. In the night I light a candle and show gratitude for the experience of such a wonderful day. Even with non-wonderful days I am grateful for the experience of life.


Using the Altar as a point of focus 

Sometimes a client requests healing or simply just needs or some love to send their way. At those times I use my altar to focus that energy. After lighting a candle I may draw some oracle cards as I ask the angels to send them healing, or whatever else they may need to like strength, faith and or support.
I find altars a great for centring, starting your day and ending your day.  Once you get into the ritual and the habit of these you will see how centred and focus you become.
If you need help building your own altar or developing a spiritual practice I would be honoured to support your journey. Contact me for details about in person or virtual sessions to set up your own altar.
If you use altars as a practice or you have just started to, I would love to hear from you and I invite you to share your comments & pictures with us here.

Getting clarity on your Path/Purpose


How to get clarity around a career path/life purpose:

“Being clear” is so much more than knowing one aspect of your life and goes deeper to who you are and your purpose. Discovering this clarity is challenging to say the least. You can find this clarity by taking the time for yourself, being kind to yourself and creating some distance from chaos and the everyday grind.


What if you’re not where you want to be?

It can be hard to take a personal inventory because we may not like what we find. First, take responsibility of where you are now. Then take some time to meditate or journal and look inside yourself. Discover what makes you tick, what is it that you love what gives you goose bumps? It may be helpful to write a list of all the things that inspire you, and the things that don’t (we’ve all got those things too!).
It’s quite powerful to write them down to see them, you could even go back to when you little when you never had a care in the world, all you had to worry about was that you are hungry cold or hot and where was Mum and Dad!
Exploring the dreams of your younger self is powerful because when you are in that space you can reconnect to the core beliefs, hope and dreams you once had that may have become obscure with time. In these exercises you can discover clearly who you are.


For example:

When I was a little girl, all I wanted to do was look after horses & bunny rabbits and to be a Veterinarian, played vets with my cats and dogs.
As an adult I have never owned a horse, or even a bunny rabbit for that matter, and I didn’t pursue working as a Veterinarian. But at my core, I am someone who still loves horses and bunny rabbits, I heal them, I communicate with them, I love them it fills me up.
Another thing I loved as a child was collecting swap cards and now I see that I have an addiction to cards of all types, Tarot cards, Oracle cards, and Gypsy cards I even possess an addiction to Playing cards.
What I’m trying to illustrate here is if you look back the person you were as a child, without the pressure of how you look and what you “should” be interested in, you will find she is still there.
If you struggle to unearth all of that then ask a friend, family and or colleagues.
Don’t worry about making the wrong decision, tell yourself “ I’m not going make any decisions until I feel clearer,” anyway I don’t believe there any wrong decisions. The only wrong decision is not seeking clarity – which that kind of inaction is a decision to stay in your struggle and live without clarity.
If you need clarity around situation, ask for help from your higher self (or whoever you connect with) by simply stating to your higher self: “ I need clarity with this situation.”
Don’t try to force it, just trust that the answer will filter its way through when it’s meant to, and that’s likely to be when you are not hanging on to the energy of the situation. Have faith in the process, look for repetition whether that be negative or positive ask yourself how my contributing to my lack of clarity the kind to you but take a step back you can’t get clarity when you’re in it.
But when all is said and done the best way to get clarity is to simply ask!

Snakes as Totems



Snakes as Totems: My recent journey


Many years ago (B. K.) before kids I purchased a ring, nothing fancy just a simple silver band more or less in the shape of an S. When I purchased this ring I decided that the ring would symbolise a commitment, a connection to me and my spiritual journey. I was drawn to go to the beach that day and sit in silence, and talk to my guides and my parents and loved ones who had since passed many years previously.
In this dedication as it were, I made a vow to myself, my inner child and to my future path, and I would not give up on myself or what I believed in. In essence I got married that day to myself. I’m a lucky gal! I still wear that ring of my middle finger on my left hand.
While the shape has expanded and is not perfectly round anymore and has been scratched, it hasn’t lost its lustre or meaning to me.
But in recent weeks I have felt a restless energy within myself and have felt the need for something new.
While I have many rings that would fit that finger, I feel the need for a new symbol.
First I was thinking of tree, or a feather or even the idea of a flower but none of these appeal to me, I knew I would find my next ring even though, I didn’t really know what I was looking for yet.
I trusted that the symbols or idea would show up at the right time, like when I was ready to receive it & sure enough the right symbol appeared!
Recently in my local area we have had many wild storms and localised flooding.A small tree in the backyard snapped in half after receiving the brunt of the wind. A few days later when the weather cleared, I went out to inspect the tree and to my surprise there to greet me was the sweetest little green tree snake, about 30 to 40 centimetres long.
Snake-003After watching for the longest time I let her be and then went back inside. A few days later I went outside to see if she was still about and instead of finding her she gifted me with her shed skin. I was quite moved by my discovery and gently picked her discarded skin and marvelled at its beauty.





I bought the skin inside and lovingly placed it on my altar on my honeycomb Jasper crystal.

Imagine my surprise when a few days after finding the skin I came across the same snake in my house! Walking down the hallway, I found she had passed both my cats who were lying in the sun! Taking the snake back outside, gently handling her with love, I told her that I was a friend and meant her no harm (moving her away from the cats!).
This experience helped me see that my next ring will be in the form of a snake and since we’re now in the year of the snake it’s rather fitting!
I’ll share more about snakes in meditation and what they represent in another post but first I have to ask – what animals or symbols do you have a connection with?
I’ve always loved snakes, I recall one of my very first meditations I connected with the red belly black snake, and I journey with that snake for many years.
I’ve never been scared of snakes, but in Australia we have many venomous snakes, so I have always had a healthy respect for them as do all of Aussies.
Snakes as animal totems:
• Transmutation
• Healing
• Kundalini energy
• Growth
• Change
• Enlightenment
• Transformation/Change
• Immortality
• Rebirth/Death
• Action
• Psychic awareness
• Desire
• Sexuality
• Passion
• Alchemy
• Fire energy
• Initiation & Wisdom
So when a snake shows up sign your life whether it be unusual or a repeated sign you need to take notice, as the universe/nature is talking to you.
Keep an eye out for transitions, new opportunities and snake medicine usually heralds the changes and healing changes.
This into your intuition and visions than that you have at this time. Also take into consideration the colours of the snake.
When looking at signs whether be from the animal kingdom or not, it doesn’t have to be that the snake crosses your path and physically as it did with me, it can be that you keep hearing the words snake, or you see this symbol for snake, e.g. a caduceus, snake patterns or images of snakes in a print the you see.
The idea behind any kind of sign, it will either be unusual that it comes into your awareness, or it will be repetitive.




What does it mean to “get clear” or to “live a life of clarity” for real people? It’s something we all struggle with from time to time in different areas.
Today we’re looking at a common area that most people struggle with at some point, and that’s clarity in relationships.
To get clear on a person or situation you have just take a step back to get perspective and let the dust settle.


Clarity in Personal Relationships

Often it’s hard to find clarity around relationships, especially romantic connects. If you’re not sure how a romantic partner feels about you it can be confusing and frustrating. If you been seeing this person for quite a while, but you feel that you not sure where it’s going and you’d like some clarity around the relationship and the person’s feelings, the best way to get clarity is to ask them how they feel, where do they see it heading?
Simple answer, I know, yet many of us are too frightened to ask because we may be frightened of the answer or assume we are misreading the situation.
The world has become such a fast paced, instant fix and fear based place, we are so frightened to ask those questions not just in relationships, but about our life purpose, were too frightened to ask ourselves about our goals and dreams.
By speaking to others when you need clarity with gentleness and respect you’ll be opening yourself up with trust and faith. Trust that the others will give you a clear and honest answer. Have faith in the right outcome and that clarity will come.
While the answers in difficult conversations may not always be the answer we want to hear, it will allow you to hear the truth and have the clarity you want to move forward.


Sharing Your Own Truth with Clarity

You may be on the other side of this situation and want to speak and clarify your intentions with someone in a personal relationship.
(How to request and have a clarity conversation around the future, boundaries or goals)
The best way to do this, is to simply ask for clarity, people are often more concerned with how the other person will take it, they don’t want to upset the other person or push them away, but at the end of the day if you’re not feeling clear about a certain situation and the only thing you can do is to ask.


Always Speak from a Place of Love 

Invoke Archangel Gabriel (the Angel of Communication) and ask her to guide your words & let you speak with grace and also ask her to help the other person hear me from the space that talking from.
Then tell them how you feel, remembering that you are responsible for how you feel & how you choose to react.
Just as they are responsible for how they react and feel about what you are sharing with them.
Sometimes the truth is hard to hear,
but in my experience people will always handle the truth better than they will a lie.