Wishes for the New Year confirmed


“Thank you Christina for a beautiful reading.

It was great to have my wishes for the New Year confirmed.
I felt excited and pleasantly surprised at the accuracy of
what you had said and how you revealed some things I
had written in my journal only a few days earlier!
I highly recommend any of her readings to people
looking for a genuine psychic!”
Angela, Sydney.


Inspired me to take my own journey

“I saw you at the Mind, Body, Spirit Festival on Saturday and just wanted to
thank you so much for an amazing reading.
I went away so happy that I was drawn to you.
I have had a few readings done before and all have been
great, but there was something about yours that really made it special.
After your reading, I went and bought cards that I felt a pull to as you
really inspired me to take my own journey with my own abilities.
Thank you so much again! I will definitely be getting another reading of
you sometime in the near future.”
Kind regards,
Tahlia xx

An incredible connection 

“Thanking you for your amazing reading last week with my dearest
friend Bryan . By far, one of the best readings
we have ever had. 
You are very grounded and have an incredible connection.
We are very grateful for your heartfelt love and understanding. 
Absolutely fantastic!  You will be highly recommended. 
Can’t wait until my next reading.”
With much love and light, Millie Sydney.


Prophecies are unfolding right before my eyes

“Darling Christina:
Thank you so much again for your reading on me at the MBS.
Just letting you know that your prophecies are unfolding right before my eyes…
On my career- you were spot on!! (Scared and excited me to bits)
Just thought I should let you know what an amazing and accurate psychic you are!!
That’s all,
Sending you love gorgeous soul.
And I Love you to bits.”
C.L. Melbourne


Your reading on me was spot on

“Hi Christina,
Just like to let you know your reading on me was spot on!
Got offered a new full time job and took it! Start in 2 weeks!!
Thank you for giving me the confidence for taking on this new challenge.”
xoxo Kristen, Brisbane.


Her reputation precedes her

What a difference a day makes!
Yesterday I had the privilege of having a reading done by Christina whose reputation precedes her.
I had been told by girlfriends that Christina was very accurate and she is.
My reading was bang on and it was like she saw right into my soul.
I felt very at ease and it’s not only Christina’s abilities that I admire but the warmth and love she radiates.
Very giving of herself.
It’s like I had received a huge hug and my time with her gave me back my strength, hope, optimism
and comfort at a time of utter turmoil.
I feel I have divine knowledge, a sense of control and peace of mind in my life again.
Christina gave me the answers I needed and she’s genuine.
The real deal!
So grateful to have made this connection with this wonderful and gifted person, eternally grateful.
Thank you Christina,
see you again soon.
J.M. Brisbane


Heaven sent 

“Back at the beginning of the year I had a Skype reading with you. Since then a lot has happened.
I’ve received the promotion and additional training you said I would, but best of all…I have met the man you told me about.
He is more beautiful than I could ever have imagined!
I’ve been many years on my own now, but realise that it was all just time before my angels found me the right one…
He’s just wonderful” –
Beck, New Zealand.

Over thinking, self sabotage & low self esteem, no longer a reality

“I have been connecting with Christina regularly in the last 18 months or so. I initially went to see her for psychic guidance,
as she came highly recommended from a dear friend of mine,
but my connection to her is so much more now.
I honestly don’t know where I would be on an emotional level if it wasn’t for the work and the energy that we have shared.
What I have cherished most about Christina is her he’s her honesty her openness, but above all that she actually believes in me & gives me the tools I need & with that I feel can achieve anything,
to put it another way it’s like she is cheering me on from the sidelines supporting me to get to that finish line.
I have often struggled with over thinking, self sabotage and low self esteem, but not anymore.
Some sessions that we’ve had have been more challenging than others that is true,
but I feel very supported & most importantly not judged.
I honestly don’t know what I was doing the day before she came into my life,
I have no hesitation in recommending Christina for any form of healing or spiritual work.
She is honest, compassionate and real. She walks her talk.”
Simone B.


She touched on things no one could know

“I have been seeking spiritual guidance for my journey in life for the last 15 years and I recently was lucky enough to have the opportunity to sit with Christina for a reading.
I am amazed at just how good the connection I had with her as a reader was.
Christina and her beautiful gift picked up on some very private issues that have faced me in my journey through life and she handled and communicated them in a very caring and professional manner.
I found her to be very spot on with her reading; she touched on things no one could know.
Christina, you have a very amazing gift and I can’t thank you enough for my reading with you.
I will definitely be coming back to see you and I highly recommend anyone to take the time to see Christina, you will not regret the experience.
I left feeling like the weight had been lifted off my shoulders and can’t thank you enough for your spiritual guidance.
Love and Peace”


Witty, engaging and a gifted teacher

“I have been a client of Christina’s for a number of years. From the moment I had my first reading with Christina, I felt her connection and accuracy straight away.
She has since done many more readings for me and I also have taken her Tarot for Beginners ‘course, which I thoroughly enjoyed, & I got so much more out of it, more than I thought I would.
She is a witty, engaging and gifted teacher.
Christina has a warmth about her that always makes me feel better I can sincerely say you will not regret seeing or hearing from her. Thanks Christina for all that you have done for me.
T.P. Brisbane


Angelic guidance from down under

“Christina is amazing, a real life saver, thank you so much for your guidance and amazing intuition.
How do you know what you know? It’s like you know me & the places & people that I’m asking you about.
I found myself looking over my shoulder, silly as I was in the States, but it’s like you were in the same room. Thank you, dear Angel Christina.”
Penny, USA


Christina is spot on

“Christina is a lovely person to have a reading with. She is very accurate and amazing. I’ve never had a reader as spot on as she has been. My burden is very much less. Thank you”
Damien, Melbourne


Beauty and clarity given 

“Christina is so very caring, exact and genuine. She brings so much beauty and clarity to her readings. Thanks”
Debra, SA


Trusted accurate guidance – My secret weapon in business

“I’m writing this testimonial for Christina not after being blown away from her readings with her amazing insight, but after due course when her accuracy has come to fruition. So I can confidently assure anyone who reads this testimonial to have faith in her predictions!
Christina has unbelievable precision in identifying factors that govern any particular situation and she picks up on these by her own ability with her connection to her guides.
I have trusted Christina with extremely sensitive information on a corporate level where she has treated my information in a very professional confidential manner, and I do not hesitate in doing so because I truly believe Christina comes from a position of wanting to truly assist each individual along their path in this world.
During Christina’s readings you will feel, amongst other things, her authenticity in trying to assist you to gain a clearer understanding of the situation.
Not only do I turn to Christina for any personal assistance in the relationships that I try my best to foster,
but Christina is also my secret weapon when I’m dealing with my hectic business world. With Christina I’m one step ahead.
Christina, what you do for people is amazing and the effort that you put in is above and beyond any standard I have come across previously.
If God was giving out wings Christina would have a set for sure!”
Craig, South Australia.


Channelling from true source

“I can’t even begin to say how amazingly accurate Christina is!
Not only has she a heart of gold and incredibly integral and honest,
but she is also very insightful and spot on with her predictions.
She is a beautiful soul and incredibly kind. I found her to be very accurate in her pegging situations and people in my life.
All of it is pure channelling so she is getting it from true source.
Thank you Christina, I will look forward to many more readings from you. You are a star my friend!
Lisa, W.A.


Support and help through a difficult journey

“I have just finished a reading with you Christina, and feel compelled to write and tell you how much you have and continue to help me through the journey the Universe has me going on.
Not only are your readings very accurate but you treat me with great respect and the exact dose of empathy I sometimes need. It’s wonderful to be able to trust someone so much with such personal information. I thank God for Christina over and over”. With my best wishes.”
Linda, ACT


Immediate connection equals predictions that resonate deeply

“I have had many readings over the past several years with Christina; she is very gifted and reads with great accuracy, honesty and warmth. Every time Christina reads for me I feel an immediate connection and her predictions resonate deep within my soul and I know she speaks with the divine knowledge of the universe.
What sets Christina apart from other readers is her compassion and her genuine interest in helping to guide you along your destined path and lead you to greater happiness.”
C. Kristinsson W.A.